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Rob & Alison

We had the pleasure of having Theepan as our agent for the sale of our home on Boyd Crescent. He is truly a rare kind! We loved his passion he doesn’t just sell houses he educates throughout the process and you can tell he really loves what he does. Theepan is genuine reliable, and his customer service is top notch! With his expertise our house sold above asking within hours and because of his negotiation skills we bought our dream home under asking! This can be a stressful process, but with Theepan, ours was enjoyable. He exceeded our expectations in every way and we are so happy we had him to guide us along the way.

Sattie Phirtieraj

“Meeting with Mr. Theepan made my search for a home that suits my comfort since I am suffering with Arthritis in my big joints. I told Theepan I needed a bungalow and did not hesitate to help me in my search. He was always ready to listen and share all information needed. Theepan made my search so easy and also in selling my existing home into my new bought home. I would recommend Theepan to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. Theepan has show all the expertise in selling and buying a home and went out of his way to make his client happy and satisfied with their decision. Thanks for being my agent and look forward to working together anytime I need you. ”

Shuja & Mili

Theepan is a very well spoken, friendly person who guided us through the process of selling our house making it look really easy. His energetic, enthusiastic demeanor has worked very well to keep us calm and focused. We became very comfortable dealing with him from day one. The house sold in a day for the price we asked for. We are already referring him to our friends.


The Hefkies

We are grateful to have met Theepan. There was a comfort zone to his personality, and how he presented himself in a professional calm manner, most knowledgeable, and considerate of our needs. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Our house sold thanks to your tireless efforts. 

Sincerely we wish you all the success in the future. We are pleased to recommend Theepan without hesitation.

Cedric & Sonia Hefkie

Bill Soft

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Ahdia Baiza

We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and understanding in the sale of our home. My family and I we would like to say thank you to Theepan Balasubramaniam for selling our old house and Thank you for helping us find the perfect home! We are loving the new house! The layout of the house is working out even better than expected with the kids. We have been settled in for about a one year now and still enjoying.

We appreciate that you took us to see so many houses as seeing the houses in person helped us make our decision, the timing was so tied, but you managed to find perfect house in less than a month. The layout of the house is working out even better than expected with the kids. We have been settled in for about a One year now and still enjoying. I will be referring you to all of our friends and families because of your excellent service and been honest person. Thank you for find a great mortgage broker and I will recommend you to all of my family, so far two to my brother bought a house from you.

Thurairaja Buva

Dear Ravi, I would like to take the time to thank you for your time and effort in assisting our family with the purchase of our home.  We had interviewed many different agents from many other companies, but no one had expressed the sincerity and the honesty we had seen in you.  This was the key in the purchase of our new home.
Thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.

Pradeepan Jayendran

I found Ravi to be trustworthy and very knowledgeable in the real estate business and I must say he did an excellent job in researching and finding me the ideal home that met all of my requirements at the right price. The purchase of my home was hassle free with no last minute surprises.

James and Paula Simms

I would like to show my appreciation for selecting the property I bought and for all your time and patience.  Your small gift which decorates my home is greatly appreciated by my family and friends. I thank you for your after sales service, which is so seldom provided by anyone else.

Bharathy Vivekanantham

I would like to say thank you to Theepan for making our move such a smooth and hassle-free process. When I first approached Theepan to be my realtor, I had no doubt that there was nothing else to worry about. He was very patient, and passionate about what he does.  Not only that, Theepan was committed to ensuring that we received the best deal possible when selling our place. He went the extra mile to make the necessary arrangements to make sure our place looked spectacular prior to the sale. On top of all of this, Theepan was able to sell our house for over-asking within just 5 days from the date it was listed. No doubt, I will definitely go back to HomesbyTheepan for any of my realtor needs.

Ashif & Noorin

Navi was great. He thoroughly researched the neighbourhood for the demand of my house specs, presented me with previous sold prices and described what I may need to do in order to get the best offer. He also had contacts for photography, renovating (which was also the best quote I received), staging and marketing. My overall experience was great and I would use him again. Thanks

Ingus & Jen

Navi was an exceptional professional in helping my wife and I purchase two properties and sell one in a short period of time. One characteristic that stands out the most is his integrity through providing advice with his client's interest in mind.

That said, on more than one occasion during our experience, Navi really challenged us to think and consider all options before making a decision. He could have easily provided us with what we wanted to hear in making an offer on a property that we wanted to act on in the heat of the moment. Instead he challenged us to consider all possible options before making a final decision.

One final memorable example of Navi's professionalism was his willingness to endure and fight for his clients. Navi was at the helm of an eight party bidding war for what would become our home. He was prepared, and kept us informed throughout the four hour process.

Because of his determination and persistence we came out on top and secured the property that we wanted.

Buying and selling a home can be an intense and enduring process, that is why we need professionals such as Navi to help guide us through the process with the client's interests in mind.

Thank you Navi for all your hard work


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