Clutter: The Big Stressor And How To Get Rid Of Mess, One Room At A Time

Tuesday Aug 24th, 2021


Clutter: it slowly creeps up on you and one day your home is completely taken over by it. The best way to tackle it is one room at a time. By fully completing one zone in a room, then one room, you can confidently move onto the next space or room with a sense of achievement and momentum.

Want to get rid of your home’s clutter but don’t know where to start? All you need are five baskets or bins – no fancy tools!

Basket One – Put Away: We’ve all taken something we regularly use and put it back where it doesn’t belong. These items belong in this bin.

Basket Two – Fix/Mend: Have you stopped using certain items because they need a little tinkering that you need a rainy day for? If you really think you will fix or mend those items, stick them in this basket.

Basket Three – Donate: If you have items that have life in them but you have no intention of using them, please donate these to a charitable organization or a family or friend in need. Not everything we don’t need needs to go directly in the garbage.

Basket Four – Recycle: This isn’t very different from your normal recycling bin. However, this is an important reminder that when you do choose to no longer keep an item that you should recycle whenever possible instead of throwing it in the trash.

Basket Five – Trash: There will be some things that simply cannot be resuscitated – for those items, don’t feel shame – toss them!

Have you used the five-basket method before? Let us know what your latest clutter projects are and if there’s any way we can help with your decluttering needs!


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