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A young entrepreneur himself, Theepan's strengths are the three pillars he's built his business on - Empower, Execute, Enhance. His vision is to empower his clients with right information needed to buy and sell their home with confidence. His passion for real estate has driven him to instill change in the way we do business. An avid believer in service being paramount, he seeks to convert his clients into brand ambassadors.

When not immersed in real estate, you can find Theepan cheering on his favourite sports teams, aka yelling at the refs -- Toronto Raptors & Toronto Blue Jays. He's always up for a game of poker, catching a good movie and travelling the world! If he's not working or sitting, Theepan is most definitely wearing his dancing shoes!




As a dedicated Realtor for the past 8 years, Navi provides Strategic Marketing & Problem Solving Solutions to his clients across many cities in the GTA. His business is built on: Communication, Understanding & Trust while maintaining the ability to cater and adapt to all of his client’s Real Estate needs. His devotion and stellar customer service has resulted in a continuously expanding network of loyal clients and referrals. Passionate to his skills, he constantly seeks to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market education and trends. Navi strongly believes your investment is his responsibility, and takes pride in helping his clients buy property only if he would buy it himself. Having a number of personal investments all over the GTA, Navi puts his money where his mouth is and is eager to share his gains and knowledgeable expertise with those around him.

In his free time, you can find Navi exploring the world! As an avid globetrotter he loves to indulge in the various culinary, cultures and scenic escapes the world has to offer. You can find Navi in his happiest state when he is amongst others, and as a result he is known to host many events to bring people together!

Mobile: 416.371.3998




Team Coordinator

With many year's of experience in Politics, real estate and the legal fiend, Rohit brings a well rounded approach to managing the team. With Rohit at the helm, the team will continue to grow and flourish together. In Rohit's spare time, he loves to spend time with his growing daughter and loving wife. As well, Rohit loves all the Toronto sport teams and will cheer them on no matter how dire the situation. It's hard to pinpoint exactly the role of Rohit since he seems to be the Jack of All Trades, overall though he manages the team's backend and makes sure everything flow's well in terms of the systems and processes. Bottom line, in life, you must skate hard or get off the ice, this is the motto that Rohit keeps in mind when he manages the Bespoke Real Estate Team to unimaginable heights!!!!

Mobile:  647.210.4791



Marketing & Social Media Manager

An explorer by heart, gliding through life wearing a different hat every day. Art, architecture, dance, design,
social media- you name it!

Starting out as a curious architecture student nearly a decade ago, Vedanti has come a long way. In the quest of finding one true passion, she realised she had many. Architecture is known as the mother of all arts and rightly so. Having a strong foundation in design has helped Vedanti acquire many skills which facilitated her work as a Marketing and a Social Media Manager wherein she formulated branding strategies and advertising principles to create impact.

Her love for the arts has kept her on the periphery of the styling and fashion industry ever since she got the mere sense of colour. Apart from that, Vedanti has directed and choreographed over 100 dance shows. Bringing forth her experience in developing and managing trend-aware social media accounts on various platforms has resulted in an active community of followers.

Mobile:  647.904.6582



Sales Representative

Having lived in Toronto majority of her life, Amelin is proud to call this city her home. She loves exploring the many neighbourhoods across Toronto and discovering all the wonderful things they have to offer. She is an avid sports enthusiast, the Blue Jays and Raptors being her two favourite teams. No need to ask her twice to try a new restaurant or check out the latest trending spot on social media, as a “foodie at heart” she’ll be there! Amelin caught the travel bug many years ago, which aspires her to discover as many countries as possible.

At an early age, Amelin developed a passion for real estate. Television shows such as the Property Brothers and the Million Dollar Listing series, developed her interest in houses and architecture. Amelin has an engaging personality that others admire and love to be amongst. Combining industry experience with marketing finesse, she aims to provide a successful real estate experience for her clients, which has become her trademark. As a member of Bespoke Real Estate Team, Amelin looks forward to serving you with heart and determination.

Mobile: 647.217.6454



Sales Representative

Real estate is more than just a career for Prez, it’s his passion! He recognizes the changing real estate market and epitomizes honesty and integrity in every aspect of the home buying and selling experience. He understands that buying or selling a home can be a very scary and stressful experience, especially for first timers!

As a people-oriented person, he focuses on building a strong relationship with his clients valuing their real estate goals and helping them achieve their dreams; whether it’s investing or starting a new business. Handling nerve-wracking and time stringent situations in an effective manner without compromising quality is his specialty.

Growing up in the heart of downtown Toronto, Prez appreciates the immense diversity of food, culture, people and sports that the GTA has to offer. As a magnet for novel experiences he is always on the lookout to try something new. Valuing the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, in his spare time you can find Prez either at the gym or trying to create the next best superfood!

Mobile: 647.389.4663



Book Keeper

Sangeetha wants to live in a world filled with great business ideas, kind-hearted people and chocolate-lovers. Transitioning from a Vancouverite to a Torontonian, Sangeetha loves meeting new people from all walks of life and exploring new places. Sangeetha enjoys working closely with clients and helping them achieve their dreams, whether it’s buying or selling. The satisfaction that comes from assisting individuals to make one of their largest investments in life, and seeing the joy it brings people is what she enjoys the most in this industry. In her spare time, she loves reading non-fiction books and keeping up with the news (and the Kardashians!)

Mobile: 416.321.0110



Sales Representative

As a graduate from Ryerson University's Entrepreneurship & Strategy program, Yathi brings a clear and concise vision to his real estate career. He understands that buying and selling a home is more than just a transaction but is a life decision. For this reason, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his years of working in home renovation, interior design, and customer service to go above and beyond for his clients. His passion for real estate comes from a deep commitment to providing the highest level of service and executing plans effectively to achieve success in a dynamic market. Yathi strongly believes that your real estate goals are his personal responsibility and is constantly improving his skills to represent the best interest of his clients with enthusiasm and integrity.

When not immersed in real estate, you can find Yathi visiting various restaurants across the city of Toronto and exploring the beautiful environments across the country. He's always up for a social event and is usually the one making plans for his family and friends. You won't find Yathi sitting around since he enjoys being active and would rather sell your home than sit at home!

Mobile: 416.835.2535




Sales Representative

Majury is a diligent Realtor who exemplifies credibility, commitment, and determination. She recognizes and values the trust that her clients have placed in her and strives to ensure that their expectations are met with flying colors. Her competitive nature allows her to fight for her clients and come out on top. She strongly believes in achieving success through honesty, building strong relationships and ensuring that both her clients and herself are up to date with current market trends.

Born and Raised in the GTA, Majury greatly appreciates everything the city has to offer- from various ethnicities, cuisines and Toronto's very own champions – the Toronto Raptors! When she’s not assisting her clients, Majury enjoys spending quality time with her baby girl, family & friends. She is an avid traveller, a new recipe fanatic and an undeniable Netflix junkie.

Mobile: 647.920.2245



Sales Representative

Dhakshi is looking forward to helping you with your real estate needs, whether you are a first time buyer or have already dipped your toe in the Toronto real estate pool. She does not steer away from hard work and will do her best to make the whole experience stress-free, seamless and fun!

Dhakshi has been in the real estate industry since 2002 in various roles, including front desk administrative staff, bookkeeping and assistant to realtors, until she finally gained her license in 2014. She is someone you can get sound advice from whether it's referrals for your other real estate needs (mortgage advisor, lawyer, contractor, etc) or someone that will be honest with you and will always have your best interest at heart. Real estate is not just a job to Dhakshi and takes her responsibilities to her client's very seriously.

Dhakshi loves living in her downtown condo and has enjoyed working in and becoming familiar with the Toronto condominium market. She loves traveling and getting to know new people. Her country count is at 38 and hopes to increase this as every new year passes.

Mobile:  647.923.2703



Sales Representative

Michael is an eager and energetic professional who has an immense knowledge as vast as the ocean in residential and commercial realty. His superior negotiation skills have secured many deals for his clients over the years as a realtor, which have resulted in repeat business ventures and his client’s achieving their desired goals. Whether you are a previous residential/commercial purchaser, a first-time home buyer looking to purchase a property, or are purchasing to lease, big or small, Michael has the expertise to guide you through every aspect of the sale. His utmost desire, is to watch his clients succeed. As an activist and leader in his field of real estate, Michael strives for perfection by ensuring the satisfaction for each of his clients. His devotion to his clients originates from his innate desire to be genuine and particulate about the personal mandate he has for clients, which is always to put the client's interests first before his own interests. Michael’s ambitions in real estate have left all his clients with nothing but positive experiences and them being on top of the world.

During his leisure time you can catch Michael swinging the bat at the baseball diamond, hitting home runs. Many of his team building, strategic, and critical thinking skills blossomed while playing in several amateur baseball leagues in Toronto throughout the years. He enjoys meeting new people and socializing, and networking. Michael likes watching documentaries while learning about new tech, peoples around the world, and animals. He also loves to watch stand up comedy and share a few laughs with others.

Mobile:  647.227.7998



Sales Representative

The Bespoke Real Estate Team is always looking to bring on energetic individuals with a passion for real estate. If you are driven and enjoy helping others and love working in a dynamic team environment, get in touch with us!

Mobile: 416.317.2986