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Sex & the Kitchen

Wednesday Mar 17th, 2021


Sex and the Kitchen. Interesting topic, right? Absolutely!

What do sex and the kitchen have in common? They both sell. There’s no argument that sex appeal is incredibly powerful. The kitchen plays a similar role when it comes to selling a home.

If you still doubt what I’m saying, ask anyone who walks into a house, and finds that while not all the spaces meets their needs, the kitchen is exceptional – crown molding, mullion glass doors, lots of counter space and cabinetry.

“I need a smaller kitchen” said no one ever.

Everyone has their reasons for upgrading or downsizing but one room that’s always at, or near, the top of everyone’s list is their kitchen.

If you had a list of renovations that needed to be done in order to sell your home, but had to pick your top three make sure the kitchen is on that list! If you are selling, your kitchen needs to be attractive to buyers.

You’ll be amazed at how large and open your kitchen will look after something as simple as de-cluttering and accessorizing. Relieve your counters of small appliances and add a little “pop” with a decorated fruit bowl.

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