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The 3-D Effect!

Monday Mar 18th, 2019


Sellers often wonder what’s with all the fuss about this “staging” concept!  Staging is literally what it sounds like – making a home more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.  Now, don’t get me wrong – we’re not trying to deceive anyone.  We are going to create a perception! Staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that anyone can see themselves living in. 

Put yourselves in the shoes of the buyer – would you consider buying a home if it looked exactly the same way you see it now? Maybe, maybe not.  Keep in mind that what you think is an ideal cozy home may have a completely look and feel for someone else.   

When a potential buyer steps into your home, they must feel at home – that’s the perception!

There are different levels of staging – all depends on how much time and budget you have.  Regardless of the budget, there are some things you can accomplish for free! Yes, free staging! This is what I like to call the 3D Effect – De-clutter, De-personalize and Decorate!


Your home may have things organized in a manner that works for you.  Now, is that considered clutter? Not exactly, but clutter is essentially anything that makes your home look unorganized, too cramped, and makes the room look too busy that you might get lost.  If you’ve got furniture that covers every inch of your floor , or pictures and art work covering all your walls – that’s considered clutter.  You might have too many colors within a particular room that might be clashing.  If there’s too much going on in the room or too much stuff covering every inch of the room – you’re hiding the features of your home.  Buyers wants to see what the home offers — not all your furniture and keepsakes.  So, let’s start with de-cluttering the space. Keep only the furniture that fits into the space and ensure you can see the room beyond the furniture.  Buyers want to see how a the room can be functionally used  — nothing more and nothing less. 


You might have a lot of furniture and personal keep sakes everywhere in your home. Buyers want to see how they fit into the home.  They don’t care to see how many trips you’ve been on and anything that is personal to you.  Depersonalizing is to keep the house neutral and create an impersonal look.  Buyers can easily be distracted by the photos on your walls and mantel.  Do you think it matters to the buyers to see how many awards and certificates you’ve received? De-personalize and let’s show them the house.


Now, this is where you may want to consider your budget.  Staging can become costly, but it does definitely have its share of positives.  It can help you sell faster and for a higher price.  Staging costs are usually recouped during the sale of the property.  Be smart, be tasteful and create that special appeal that makes the buyers hearts melt as soon as they step inside your home.   Use very simple tactics to create color, light and texture and create the ambiance desired.  

So, when you are selling your home – put on the 3-D effect to get the most money for your home!

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